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While in Bulgaria Jonah began painting in the Winter. He feels that these paintings represent his experience and struggles through this time period. Of note are the repeated color schemes, and brush strokes. During this time, Jonah heavily experimented with drawing on top of and underneath his paintings with oil pastel and pencil. Included in this series are paintings depicting Jonah's self image, his general state of emotion, and his apartment.
29 X 43   Acrylic on Canvas23 X 45   Acrylic on Canvas30 X 28 .  Acrylic on Canvas32 X 36   Acrylic and Pencil on Canvas30 X 28  Acrylic and Pencil on Canvas17 X 16   Acrylic and Pencil on Canvas39 X 53   Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas27 X 39   Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas