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Quarantine - serves as a poignant exploration of the intense pent-up energy Jonah felt during the 2020 Covid lockdowns. These works use strong fast paced lines (often a common element in Jonah's work) to capture a palpable sense of frustration, confusion, and anxiety. As a medical student working in the hospital during the peak of the pandemic, Jonah witnessed immense pain, suffering, and loss. These works acted as a cathartic outlet for Jonah's processing of this mass trauma. Through Quarantine, Jonah effectively channels his turbulent emotions stemming from lockdown-related distress, while also encapsulating the horrors and profound grief of the pandemic.
Quarantine - A Study In Red - 40x60 Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Graphite, Ink on CanvasQuarantine - A Study In Blue - 40x60 Acrylic on CanvasQuarantine - A Study in Blue - DetailsQuarantine - A Study In Green - 40x60 Acrylic on CanvasQuarantine - A Study In Green - DetailsQuarantine - A Study In Yellow - 55x65 Oil on CanvasIn A Box - 24x24 Oil, Colored Pencil on Canvas