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Jonah's "Erasure", a collection of large scale charcoal drawings, grapples with what it means to leave a city, by choice as he was or by force, as so many often do. The series was conceptualized and created in the last month of Jonah's time in Vidin. Made with brooms, vacuums and sponges, Jonah confronts both conceptually and literally ideas of cleansing, erasure, and loss of history. The works were inspired by Jonah's upcoming trip to return to the United States consequently leaving Vidin (perhaps forever).

Additionally, the abandoned Vidin Synagogue played a prominent role in the development of the series. As a Jewish man, Jonah found the synagogue both haunting and beautiful. Spending time inside the building, Jonah was pushed to further consider alternative meanings of "erasure".
50 X 79   Charcoal on Canvas31 X 73   Charcoal on Canvas41 X 70   Charcoal on Canvas41 X 53 Charcoal on Canvas41 X 56   Charcoal on Canvas22 X 38   Charcoal on Canvas36 X 36 Charcoal on Canvas22 X 47   Charcoal on Canvas